Maz is a Melbournian

After 6 months of Gumtree buyers not showing up, being put on hold with electricity/gas/internet companies, and mood swings ranging from excitement to self doubt… we’re in the big smoke.
Time to be an adult. Time to be that ambitious career woman Mini Maz always pictured herself becoming.
But first, I should give myself at least a week. Settle in, right? I’ve got to keep reminding myself that a career isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes time and I’ve gotta start at the bottom.
Turns out that careers don’t manifest themselves immediately after one week either. It’s been four weeks now! I’ll probably look back on this and say to myself “that’s no time at all!” And future me is probably right. But I can’t help but get a little restless.
I’m going to choose to focus on what I have achieved, rather than what I haven’t. I mean, I have learnt a lot since being here. Here are just a few dot points I can add to my skills set:
  • If the title of the SEEK ad uses capital letters, exclamation marks (bonus points for more than one), and/or promises travel opportunities… don’t apply.
  • ASK WHAT YOUR SALARY WILL BE. You don’t wanna get stuck working on commission.
  • During the interview, if you are sitting in a massive throne of a chair, while the apparent CEO is seated on a peasant stool, something fishy is going down. Why are they putting in so much effort to make you feel so important? Must be a bit of a shithouse job.
  • Trust your gut. If you don’t feel right about something you. Don’t. Have. To. Do. It. Okay? Okay.
  • It’s not just the job that will let you live your dream. It’s the people you’ll be working with too. Surround yourself with the good ones. Choose a workplace that you can truly see yourself  being a perfect fit for and that you will make a real, important contribution to.
They don’t teach you this at school kiddos. So don’t be so hard on yourself for taking the time to learn it by living it.

My new approach: take it slow. Enjoy these first months in this amazing capital city. Go out. Meet people. Shout lunch. Spend my money because I’ll make it all back later.

Take notice of the joy. It’s there every

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