Living Without Fear


“If you allow other people to project their fears onto you, you won’t live.”

I mean, what a line. Taraji P. Hensen summed it up quite nicely, I feel.

Anyone else notice that most of their negative thoughts aren’t original, but have been projected onto you by others? I’ve found that parents can usually be the main culprits (but it’s only because they love you). Here’s a quick snippet of one of my most recent phone conversations with Mum:

Me – “There’s a yoga studio just down the road from my building! How awesome is that? I can just walk there and back anytime.”

Mum – “You want to be careful though. Don’t go walking anywhere by yourself at night.”

Me – “Yeah. Oh there are also a few convenience stores just across the street and they’re open like ALL OF THE TIME. So… convenient.”

Mum – “A lot of robberies happen in those stores. People just walk in, take stuff and leave, and the people working there cant do anything about it. It’s awful.”

Me – “Oh. Did you see that on a current affair?”

Mum – “Yeah it’s all over the news. It happens so often.”

Me – “Hmm… well I have a job interview on Friday! I feel good about this one.”

Mum – “I read about a man who got scammed after a job interview. They asked him for $300 to furnish his office and then they ran off with his money! You need to be careful.”

And it went on, as you can probably imagine.

It’s not her fault. I can’t blame her for it, I can only try and steer her towards a more positive way of thinking. Constantly watching the news, reading the paper, listening to the radio, reading online news articles… I mean, you are what you consume. Eventually, you will learn to fear the world. Stay in your homes because the world is big, bad and scary!

I’m here to tell you that the world IS big. But it’s also BEAUTIFUL and full of WONDER. And it’s also just sitting there, ready for you to discover it and make it your own. Honestly, it can give you whatever the frik you want. You jut gotta go out and get it.

The world’s ready when you are. Don’t be scared.

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