Making Friends as an Adult

When I was little I met a girl the same age as me in a McDonald’s playground. We both liked fairies so naturally we instantly became best friends. We introduced our Mothers to each other and the rest is history; days spent at each other houses doing craft activities, making gifts for each other, and walking across the road to spend time at the park. It was all very easy peasy lemon squeezy.
I can’t help but notice that, lately, I have made zero to no friends this way. It’s also pretty darn easy keepin’ up with your peeps during school and even university (I did a theatre degree so theatre family 4 lyf). Making friends as an adult out of school or any type of institution seems to be a whole different kettle of fishies.
I went to a job interview the other day and three out of the six of us were from Tasmania. The coincidence was too crazy to pass up, and we all seemed to get along really well, so I reached out. Two of us left together and as we were saying goodbye I said, “Oh! I should get your number so we can catch up!” I added her on Facebook, found the other girl and added her too (Tasmania’s a pretty small place so we had about 25 mutual friends… insane), started a group chat and we’re all catching up for coffee next week! Actually… that was all pretty easy peasy lemon squeezy too.
Maybe ways of meeting people haven’t changed. It’s us that’s changed. Notice you feel more self conscious, maybe a bit more awkward as an adult compared to when you were a child? No doubt that gets in the way of getting shit done So, if you would excuse my inspirational quote-esque (or grotesque) way of speaking but DON’T EVER LET YOU GET IN THE WAY OF YOU.
And at the same time, the worst thing that could happen is that we don’t end up catching up. And if  you don’t get to see someone who wont make the time for you, or wont put the effort in, then big freakin’ whoop.
There are also Meetup and Hey! VINA (look them up) if I’m feeling like I wanna delve into that approach. But the point I’m trying to make here is that are always ways to get what you want and I’ve found that people actually love being reached out to. And everyone wants friends.
So go for it, girlfriend.

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