How to Get Back on That Bike

Lately the rejection emails in my inbox have been piling up. I’ve just been scanning the text looking for the words “unfortunately” or “unsuccessful” to save myself time. My thoughts are that if I apply for heaps jobs I should hear back from at least one, right? Well, that’s all well and good but the “thank you but no thank you” emails are serving as a constant reminder of failure. Failure? That’s a bit harsh. Let’s just refer to them as “the workplaces that miss out.” Works for me.
Honestly though when that feeling hits I feel like all you can do is just let it hit and be felt. It just means you care and caring is good. At least you’re not a shell of a human… yet. It will pass and then you’ll get to gain some perspective. Looking back, the roles at “the workplaces that miss out” that I haven’t gotten, I really wasn’t meant to get. I either would’ve hated the position or I just wasn’t ready for that role. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason… its just hard to remember that in the moment.
SO, my new approach is looking at the selection criteria as if they are instructions. Got rejected for a role that you really, really wanted? Call or email them and find out why. Was it because you didn’t have enough experience? WELL THEN YOU GO OUT AND YOU FREAKING GET THAT GOD DAMN EXPERIENCE. Not enough phone experience? Go and work at a call centre for a few months. Not qualified enough? You go and home-school the shit out of yourself.
Extending on that; there is endless content online from free online courses that will certify you with a LinkedIn badge to YouTube tutorials. I don’t know about you, but I graduated alongside people that learnt nothing during their 3 years at uni.  Not only that but university spat them back out the other end totally run down with absolutely no passion remaining for their field, and no motivation to keep learning. So if you’re self taught, surely that shows passion, commitment and insane motivation? Show ’em why you’re just as good, or even better, than that guy over there with the degree.
Education should never end. Keep working on making yourself look good on paper (and for realsies of course). Keep adding to yourself so that eventually there won’t be any selection criteria boxes that you can’t tick.
Photo: kvs artistry

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