One Word: Pho

Or less specifically: any kind of Asian-inspired noodle soup. There’s just something about these massive bowls of happiness. Maybe it’s the variety of ingredients. Maybe it’s the value for money. Maybe it’s the sodium. But something just KEEPS me wanting to go back for more. As far as dinner cravings go, it’s a go-to. It’s probably been my most consumed meal since I’ve been here. It. Is So. Gosh. Darn. Good.
Something that I’ve felt since being in this city is that it can be like being in a different country. Much like how you can experience all four seasons in one day here, you can also experience multiple cultures within a day if you get yo’self out there. There is so much authenticity and I feel like “for the food” can now never be a legit reason to travel overseas.
It  makes me think about how different we all are. It makes me think about how different is good. It makes me think of the opening to Sense 8 (if you haven’t watched the show, please do yourself a favor and just do it). Culture is so important and just so darn tootin’ lovely. Can you imagine a world without culture? Ugh. Surely it would be the same as a world without art? Culture is art. Deep.
But seriously I do believe that that is what we are heading towards. So swaddle your culture and hold onto it tight. Read it bedtime stories. Kiss it on the forehead. Because it’s so lovely.
I came across this article this morning during one of my Facebook scroll sessions. You can have a read of it here or the rest of this rant ain’t gonna make any sense. I read it and I thought hella yas. These people are celebrating and therefore respecting this culture, not appropriating it. Learning about each other? Good. Arrogantly wearing some cultures traditional dress as a Halloween costume? Bad. We need to spread the love so we can keep hold of it.
Let’s not turn multiculturalism into lack-of-culturalism. Capisce?

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