3 Easy Steps on How to be an Adult

On my 13th birthday I became a teenager. On my 16th birthday I became legal (cue sound of high school friends giggling in the background). On my 18th birthday I was given the right to vote. On my 21st birthday I said to myself, “it ain’t gonna get much better than this.” Somewhere along the line I think I was meant to turn into an adult but I think my acceptance letter got lost in the mail along with, regrettably, my Hogwarts letter.
Is it an age thing? I know that in Australia turning 18 is more of a big whoop, while in America the time to be alive is age 21. Or is it a lifestyle? Do you become an adult when you start thinking about taxes and, I don’t know… buying a boat?
In this day and age I say you gotta make up your own god damn rules, dammit. Here are three of mine. See how they sit with you:
1. Contribute to a Savings Account
Surely you’re an adult if you’re putting a bit of money into a savings account each month? Double points if you’re budgeting. I like to use Toshl. It’s super duper easy and, in true app fashion, it feels like you’re playing a game.
2. Own and Wear Blouses
I feel like if you’re a professional adult, you’ve gotta have the costume to match. Personally, I associate grown ups with collared shirts. Shoes and bags are also very, very important. Even if you dress like a teenage dirtbag on weekends. Consider it an investment on prospective first impressions.
3. Work Functions
I mean, this one speaks for itself. You’ve gotta be all grown up to go to work events with your colleagues. I know I’ll have made it as a professional adult when I get invited to a work function… even if it is laser tag.
So there you have it. That is my list so far. I’ll keep adding to it the more cheese I find throughout this rat race. What are some of the adulting rules that you live by?

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