How to be a Student for the Rest of Your Life

You know those people? Those people who seem to have been at university for their whole lives? They become a student and then, well, never stopped being one? Yeah, I won’t be talking about those people.
HA. That took an unexpected turn. You should know that I’m not one to tell other people how they should be living their lives. I’m also not one to talk about people in general. I only know what works for me and what works for me is to constantly be learning.
This doesn’t necessarily mean being a student, per se. Like the kind of student that has a student card and gets and 10% discount at ASOS. I mean that you’re a student of life, man. Dude. Flower child.
The amount of information out there in the world that I have no comprehension of absolutely blows my mind and makes me feel super, super naive. I don’t feel like I’m living life properly if I’m not in the process of learning a new thing to make myself less of a dumbo.
Here’s what I do to make myself feel like an intellectual:
Listen to Podcasts
I’ve only just recently gotten onto this. Have an interest in something? There will be a podcast dedicated to it. Listening to a philosophy podcast on the tram helps me wind down and get some perspective on my life. Plus now I can make intellectual contributions to real grown up conversations. At the moment I’m listening to Under the Skin with Russel Brand and it is truly glorious.
Study Something Online
Even more recently I have discovered the infinite and free resources that are available to study a subject online. The subjects can be very niche as well which is excellent. For example, I just completed the Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification Course and each segment covered topics from creating content to the importance of a ‘thank you’ page. The quality is excellent and super informative. You can even download the Udemy app and learn from your phone. Seriously guys, get on this one.
Watch Documentaries 
A new tradition I’ve tried to implement in our household is D-Day. Or Documentary day. Every Sunday we try to watch a documentary. We’re having a bit of trouble sticking to the schedule… but it’s the thought that counts.
Teach Yourself a New Skill
At the moment I’m trying to learn coding. It’s really hard. But at least I’m trying. My partner is learning French with Duolingo which makes it feel like you’re playing a game… but you’re also learning. The best kind of fun is educational fun! If you wanna do something you can just about guarantee that there will be an app for it. Everyone loves apps.
Education should never end, so be your own teacher. Or let an app do it for you.
Photo: kvs artistry 


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