The Real Risk of Burnout


I’ve been seeing the word “burnout” thrown around a lot lately on places like LinkedIn and Facebook. A lot of blog posts or articles seem to be dedicated to the subject. I read the headlines and made my own assumptions about the word. Something that happens to lazy people who stop trying. Something that won’t happen to me.

Past Maz is a fucking idiot. A massive fucktard. Here I was QUOTE not being too hard on myself UNQUOTE. Yeah right. Here’s how my reality check went –

– Hello!

– Um, hello there?

– Hi! It’s reality here.

– Oh… uh, hi?

– Just calling in to say that you, just as much as anyone else, are at risk of burning out.

– Wait, what? No. I’m determined. I’m motivated. I’m tough. I won’t burnout.

– That may be, but so are other people. You’re not above it.

– I’ll be fine. I’m a very optimistic person.

– Look, honey, if you and burnout were in a race, burnout would win. If you don’t cool it, slowly but surely, it will bring you down, piece by piece.

Alright, maybe it’s time to take this whole burnout thing a bit more seriously. What better first step is there than asking Google? Urban Dictionary defines burnout as “a state of emotional and physical exhaustion caused by a prolonged period of stress and frustration.” Box = ticked. Sounds like my life for the last 3 or so months.

Okay so maaaaybe burnout has caught up with me. Actually, I would go as far to say that I’m burnt to a crisp. I am an over-done kale chip. An ashen roast veggie. I am the coals at the bottom of your Webber. I set the smoke alarm roaring.

I stopped going to job interviews. I’ve been procrastinating getting admin done. I haven’t even been cleaning (a favourite past time of mine). I’m just fricken sick of it all.

So I’m taking a back seat. I’m letting things happen as they do. Or at least I’m trying, okay? I’ve observed that a lot of fantastic and interesting careers have blossomed purely by chance. They’ve grown naturally and organically. A great deal of people seem to have “fallen into” their professions and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

A good friend of mine gave me some wise advice. She said that, at this age, it’s a good time to test out careers and passions as a side gig, while simultaneously funding it (and the rest of your life) with another job that you don’t completely hate going to.

If you find yourself working in a cafe for example, but don’t see yourself having a career in hospitality, then a good way to look at it is as if you’re contributing to your own private little Kickstarter or Go Fund Me campaign. Working at a cafe does not define you solely as a waiter/waitress. No one else that matters is branding you as such, so don’t you.

It is so crucial to not be stressing about money so you can instead focus that energy on testing possible career paths. Don’t rely on personality tests. Don’t blindly follow the path laid out for you. Test. Test. TEST! It may take years to find your soulmate profession but I totes reckon it’ll be worth it.

What career are you currently experimenting with?

2 thoughts on “The Real Risk of Burnout

  1. Yes! Love this, a month ago I found myself completely burnt out and was just plodding through uni work with no real creativity or motivation, and doing a really bad job of it. I’ve forced myself to take a break and already feel more inspired. It’s ok to take a break – I may not be producing as much, but what I am doing is more useful in the long run.

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    1. Omg I only just saw this! THANK YOU beautiful lady! And yes – I’m starting to realise that self care and self love isn’t just indulgence; it’s discipline and knowing how to energise yourself.

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