Find Your Voice and Use It

I regularly find myself having something to say. I picture how I would say it, how I would go about announcing it to the world, in my head. I go over the speech multiple times. I usually see myself in an interview, sometimes in a cafe with a friend, on the phone to a relative, or collaborating with fictional colleagues… I’m so eloquent in my head. Without fail, I always get my point across.

This is all fine and dandy until it never happens in reality, which is approximately 97% of the time.

What a shame this is. So many things left unsaid. So many ideas neglected, left to eternally float around in the ether, never given a chance to manifest. Maybe it’s not enough to think the thing. Maybe it’s better to do the thing. 

There’s a trend in these thoughts. Note the other person there to legitimise the idea? Your thoughts are never going to be actualised if you’re waiting around for someone to ask you about them. That ain’t ever gonna happen. That person doesn’t exist. And if they do, they’re most likely busy, concerned with their own life and their own ideas. You are not entitled to someone probing your thoughts like you’re some goddamn science defying, genius alien baby.

Quit waiting around for permission to have a voice. You don’t need to be asked. You don’t need the right time, the right place, nor the right person to say your bit. You just need you. Give yourself permission to share. Pick a thought, choose an outlet, create the thing, share the thing. Simple enough. Now go do it.



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