Live to Work or Work to Live?


I hate working for the man. There, I said it. I am yet to feel absolutely any loyalty towards whatever company I may be working for. I have a distrust of corporations and a, what I feel at least, healthy suspicion towards any institution that makes it their prerogative to tell others what to think or believe.

In the past, I have found joy in working for small businesses where my “boss” becomes a friend, or we at least have a mutual respect for one another and I do not feel there is a sense of hierarchy. The word collaborative comes to mind. After all, isn’t that all it should be? A collaboration? You help me, I help you; we all earn a buck so we can enjoy life? Why make this any harder than it has to be?

The jobs I have taken the most pleasure in have not been “dream jobs” (scrubbing caravan park toilets, flipping crepes) but they have been a dream for me as I have loved the people I worked for. I was pleased contributing to their legacy and they (I hope) were actually happy paying me to live.

What if the patterns or my working years are how it’s always going to be? Am I in denial for believing happiness will come from anything different? Is there anything wrong with how I’ve been doing it?

I don’t think so. After trying to be someone I’m not for what feels like an eternity (but in actual fact was only mere months) I am fulfilled and revel in the fact that I am a creative person who will work at a day job to pay for my life. I will never live to work.

Do you ever forget who you are? Have you ever attempted to go down a path of self discovery, only to find that you were running even further from yourself? Ever found that you knew who you were all along but you were over thinking it? Maybe you let fear get in the way of self acceptance? Whatever. No more, I say.

I am liberated to announce to the world that I will be happy working in a day job for the rest of my life, so long as I am living a life of creativity. So be it. I’ll go back and work for the man when I need to and that doesn’t define me. My job is not me.

And just a note; if you ever find me demanding my creativity to pay the rent, buy the groceries, cover the bills… give me a slap on the wrist because I have no right to do so. Say to me, “How dare you treat your creativity like that! She cannot function with that kind of pressure. Lay off.”

I implore you to do the same. You are a creative person who likes to do and/or make interesting things. And by the way, you do not have to be artistic to be creative. Find yourself something to live for outside of your job, whether it be climbing mountains or raising cockatiels, painting canvases or writing poetry. Do it. Share it.

You are a part of this creative world and you always have been. Let yourself enjoy it.


Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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