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I’m getting that funny feeling. Time to stop, drop, and roll. Time to sit back, reflect and reassess on all that we’ve achieved.

Is it the weather? Is it this nostalgic crisp and crunchy time of year? Is it the hint of a chilly breeze in the mornings and evenings making me think back to when I first moved to this big city? Are you feeling it too? No? Too bad. You’re coming along for the ride with me and we’re gonna have FUN. Everyone hop on board the sentimentality train! Choo choo…

When I moved to Melbourne I was sick as a dawg and had no mattress to sleep on. It was cold as heck and I was dressing for survival. The constant and consistent banging from the construction across the road seemed to be communicating something ominous to me in morse code “this is your new home,” and it was not meant as a welcome.

Melbourne wasn’t one for first impressions. I was having trouble finding a job and the cost of living frightened me to no end (still does). I honest to god had no freakin’ clue what I was doing with myself, so I thought I’d better get my arse into gear and start working towards a real proper adult 9-5 job (something I’d never pictured myself having, being a theatre student and, well… a child). It’s all about your online presence these days, innit? So, I made a LinkedIn profile and a website about myself to send to potential employers. How better to deck out my website than with a link to my blog?

Once I got into the groove of writing, I began to write for potential employers. As I was writing, it was almost as if I was picturing myself saying these things to them in an interview. I was trying to make myself look good… intelligent, deep, hip and with it. All of the good things. Blah blah.

Now, I would go as far to say that writing is just a little wee bit… sacred, don’t you think? It’s personal. It’s sharing your soul. A great deal of the time it’s even art. Perhaps it’s something one should do for oneself. Let’s leave other people to make of it what they want.

So time to make some changes. Time to revamp this little corner of the internet I’ve carved out for myself for initially the entirely wrong reasons. In other words, time to do this for ME, ME, ME!

Along with my usual philosophical what-even-is-life ramblings, I might post book, film, theatre and event reviews. I might discuss my thoughts and discoveries concerning this city, myself and life as I know it. Who knows? Cause I sure don’t. Bonus: someone along the way might even relate to my nonsense!

It might end up being an eclectic mix of everything… but point me in the direction of someone with a character unlike that. Actually, no, don’t do that, ’cause I don’t wanna know them. Boring sod.

Strap yourself in. This could either be a huge success or a devastatingly uninteresting failure… but who are we to define success and failure?

Are you as excited as I am? Eek!


Photo by mike anderson on Unsplash


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